Samayu MahaMudra

Sacred Relationships of True Love


Samaya is the Sanskrit word for Sacred Vow to enlighten or return all beings to Heaven. Send an e-mail to to enter into Samayu, Sacred Relationships to accomplish Samaya. MahaMudra means Great Teaching of dissolving untoward passions, transforming beings into relationships of making life better.

Samaya is the Noblest of causes.

Good friends lead to more good friends and then one can help make anyone a good friend.

This process helps defend against those with untoward passions as one does not act with attachment and aversion but clearly sees others as they are.

This is not easy to accomplish without knowing how good friends act.

Being a good friend is being there when difficulties occur. A good friend is not necessarily someone you have known for a long time but someone who has diminished their own personnel interest, a fact that may be difficult to determine but can be worth the effort to see.

True Justice is being able to return to Heaven. People that understand Samaya and Samayu know how and do return to Heaven.

This site is meant for those beginning to dissolve the dualistic fixation of self and others by perceiving how this dualistic fixation can arise from innate reality. Coincidental awareness and coincidental joy begin to occur as one perceives how absolute good will eventually triumph. One is relatively at peace in this joy.

Sutras: the Threads of True Love

Samayu arises from understanding Loving Kindness and Compassion


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